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A question of viewpoint – Examples of compelling photography

Since I started to think about our assignment for “Photojournalism” at the HvA, I stumbled over a few great websites. Some of them show amazing work of various photographers (look at the Website “A photo a day” or the work of Jan Banning, Cynthia Boll), some of them are used as platform/network for independent photographers (e.g. MediaStorm or Magnum) and some provide tips for amateur photographers (see Basic Photography)

Since I took a closer look at multimedia companies like Media Storm for my bachelor thesis, I always find it interesting how they manage to survive and even earn money. Photojournalism is in my view one of the most challenging occupations in the media business. Getting money for your pictures was not easy in the last decades – as our “Visual Journalism” teacher Robert Simon, who has worked as a photojournalist in New York, once pointed out in class. And it is not easy to earn money today.

That is why Media Storm is so interesting: Photojournalists bundle their strengths and use the platform as a publishing tool. They create together with other journalists new content: Pictures which couldn’t get published in the newspaper are used together with graphics, video and voices for a new journalistic piece. Moreover, Media Storm offers workshops where amateurs but also professional can master their skills.

Media Storm is not only highly acclaimed and inspiring project concerning its business model. What I find most compelling is also that the people working there have high ethical standards and a strong sense of what quality in journalism means. You can find more about that when you read several interviews with Brian Storm, founder and director of the company.

It pays off to take a look not only at the impressive work of Media Storm, but also at the business model behind. These people really proved to me that it is sometimes all about thinking out of the box…

Sichtbar: Umbauarbeiten in der Währingerstraße

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