Big Bad Wolf cut open: Girl saved

By Martina Powell

Missing Red Cap (8) arrived unharmed at her mother’s place after Mr. Huntsman (42) had cut the girl out of Big Bad Wolfe’s belly with a knife yesterday evening.

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The Grimm's fairytale made into a news story

The animal had swallowed the girl while she was trying to find her way  through the Dangerous Woods Wednesday evening. Red Cap was on her way to her grandmother’s place to deliver some wine and cake.

According to experts, the wolf hasn’t eaten for several weeks. The huge pile of young fresh meat might be the reason, why the animal went to sleep in its cottage straight away. Its snoring was then so loud, that the noise alarmed Mr. Huntsman, the village’s hunter, who was having a walk in the woods.

“First, I didn’t recognize the wolf, because he had the girl’s red cap on his head. I then saw its big belly and I realized: A terrible crime might just have happened”, Mr. Huntsman tells AP. The hunter decided not to use his shotgun to kill the wolf, as he feared to hurt the person in the wolf’s belly too.

According to a policeman, this was “a hero’s decision”: After Mr. Huntsman had cut the wolf open with a big knife, Red Cap was able to climb out of her prison. Unharmed. The wolf died instantly of inner bleeding.

The crime couldn’t have happed if Red Cap hadn’t walked through the woods unattended,  a policeman says. The girl was on her way on the Dangerous-Woods Lane to her grandmother’s cottage to deliver some cake and wine her mother prepared last Wednesday. However, the girl got lost after her smart phone had ran out of battery. According to Red Cap, Big Bad Wolf came along the way and offered her some help. “He seemed nice and harmless. I would have never guessed his bad intentions”, the girl tells AP.

“The girl might have been confused, as it was her first time alone in the woods”, psychiatrist Mrs. Psycho suggests. However, according to a private source, the girl might have acted inconsiderate as she wanted to arrive at her grandmother who suffered from a bad cold as soon as possible.

The Red Cap family is now thinking about pressing charges against the mobile phone company for selling short-lived smart phone batteries.